Applied Behavior Analysis Services

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapy based on the science of human behavior and learning! As a treatment, ABA utilizes behavior analytic treatments to teach new skills and decrease challenging behavior. 

At ABA and Play, Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) assess, design, implement, and analyze treatment plans for ALL clients. Additionally, BCBAs consult regularly with Recreation Therapists to ensure maximum enjoyment for all invovled!

Who Do We Serve?


At ABA and Play, we serve ALL clients regardless of ability level, diagnosis,  or age. Our clinicians are skilled practitioners with a wide range of experiences and training backgrounds.

Where Do We Serve?


Currently, ABA and Play provides treatment in the Home and Community. Our philosophy, as providers, is to provide supports and treatment in the natural environment in order to promote generalization of skills!

Treatment Specialties

Skill Development


Individualized assessments (e.g., VB-MAPP,  ABLLS , AFLS) are conducted, as necessary, in order to develop a personalized skill development plan related to daily living, socialization, and communication. Teaching methods include: Discrete Trial Instruction (DTT), Natural Environmental Training (NET), shaping, chaining, and prompting.

Behavior Reduction


Our Board Certified Behavior Analyst is trained in the assessment and treatment of significant challenging behaviors! If your son or daughter is experiencing challenging behavior in the home or community, please reach out! Our BCBA can design and identify a function-based treatment plan through the use of positive reinforcement strategies and functional behavior assessment.

Feeding and Meal Time Challenges


Is your child experiencing a tough time during meals? If so, our BCBA has experience in the treatment of mild to moderate feeding difficulties. Treatment of mealtime behaviors are provided to clients that have been medically cleared to eat orally. Our BCBA utilizes a variety of shaping and fading strategies to make mealtime more enjoyable for all! 

School Consultation


Our BCBA has a background in special education and is available to provide a variety of school based services. This may include individual case consultation and professional development related to: positive behavior support, functional behavior assessment and data collection, and applied behavior analysis (ABA) in the classroom.

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